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Authentic surf retreat located in the Southern Mentawai islands

Novali is a unique destination with affordable accommodation for surfers built by surfers. We offer more than just a surf trip experience, giving you insight into the local Mentawai’s people, the culture and world class waves that wrapped around the picturesque island surrounding us giving you the waves that you dreamed of.

Surf Retreat

Novali Surf Retreat is a family friendly operated business, located a short ride from the port of Sikakap. Whether you opt for the fast or slow ferry we will have you out surfing in no time. Being located in the Southern Mentawai’s region it’s far less crowded than the rest of the Mentawai Island chain with less than a handful of resorts and homestays in the region.

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The Waves

With over 11 surf breaks, a few secret ones and 7 other waves on long trips, Novali Surf Retreat will deliver you an amazing experience.

The Waves

Experience Mentawai

If you are surfed out you can go exploring the reefs snorkelling, swimming or fishing while staying with us at Novali Surf Retreat. You can also visit the local school, and fish and produce market, trek to the nearby waterfall, or take a motorbike ride through to the jungle exploring nearby villages visualising and hearing raw stories of the rebuild from those effected by the 2010 tsunami.


About Us

Novali Surf Retreat is strategically located to keep you safe from tsunamis. During the 2010 tsunami Sikakap was used as a ‘safe place’ to treat affected people and provide necessary medical needs and travel back to Padang.

With the hospital and bank 5 minutes away it gives you a peace of mind whilst staying at Novali Surf Retreat.

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